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You have the possibility to prepare quotes online by completing the forms available to you. You will benefit from our specializations and our professionalism for the optimization of your insurance contracts and their management.

Legal Notice
FRANCE Assurances is a subsidiary of Sarl LE VIGAN IMMOBILIER with a capital of 90 000 € whose head office is located at 14, avenue Emmanuel d'Alzon, 30120 LE VIGAN, registered with the trade register of Nîmes and companies under the identification number RCS 532 723 905. Manager: Mr BRUNO Christophe.

The FRANCE Assurances company is registered under number Orias: 13001771. Financial guarantee 2 000 000.00 €.

The site is hosted by the company sarl LE VIGAN Real Estate capital of 90 000 €.

The brokerage firm Europe Assurances located in LE VIGAN Gard, has passed protocols of collaboration with the world-renowned insurance companies like Swisslife, Générali, its last recognized the human qualities, the competences and the professionalism of the company UkR Insurance . We welcome you in our offices in LE VIGAN 30120 GARD to advise you and establish according to your needs and our advice your home insurance quotes, car, motorcycle and health. The role of an insurance broker: The insurance broker has a fundamental role of advice, thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, he accompanies his clients in the choice of the best contract. Unlike a general agent, this independent professional of insurance companies, he does not hesitate to play competition between companies and to negotiate the tariff conditions for home, car, motorcycle and health insurance for the most part. great benefit to the insured. The broker is attentive to the needs of its customers and can also, if necessary, create contracts Health, Housing, Auto and Motorcycle to measure to meet specific requests.

Insurance Apps

At VIGAN easily find your general agent le vigan: FRANCE Assurances, the only sevice of these customers. A good general insurance agent is one who best advises his clients. The general agent finds the insurance contract most suited to the needs of his clients with a competitive rate.

Intermediate actor between the insurer and the insured, the general insurance agent is a self-employed, local representative of an insurance company, and mandated by it (under a treaty of appointment).

He may exercise alone or join with another agent. More than 80% of general insurance agents employ one or more employees.

The profession of general insurance agent is focused on 3 main axes:
- Commercial development:
To develop and retain his client portfolio, the general agent must advise his clientele as much as possible. After having made a risk diagnosis, he offers his clients the most suitable contracts.
- Contract management:
The general agent is also a manager who follows his contracts, changes them as needed, collects contributions and intervenes. During a disaster, he sends an expert and proceeds to the payment of compensation. He conducts constant legal monitoring of the evolution of insurance legislation.
- The management of the agency:
The general insurance agent is at the head of his own agency. He is in charge of accounting, sales results, human resources management, etc.

Well integrated in the local economic fabric (an agent for almost 5000 inhabitants), the general agents of insurance evolve in a very competitive environment, whose legislation evolves continuously.

Digital does not seem to be the future of the general insurance agent, the numbers speak for themselves. It seems that customers want to keep in touch with their local insurance agent. It's a foot born to the canvas. The general agent of assura, these must emphasize the advice, the accompaniment of his customers in the choice of the guarantees subscribed.

The Hamon law is re-enforced this December 31, 2015. Long awaited, it finally opens the possibility to insureds to easily negotiate their tariff, the main role of an insurance broker. From 1 January 2015 for new contracts related to personal property, such as car or home insurance, after the first year of the contract there will be the possibility to terminate the contract at any time only by a professional and this with a legal deadline of one month. For old contracts concluded before 01 January 2015