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The 4 best car tracking devices Via Smart phone applications

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The 4 best car tracking devices
Via Smart phone applications
Some of the convincing reasons that allow an individual to know the precise location and movement parameters of his vehicle include a clear maintenance record that you can use to refer to the vehicle's performance history. If you live in a community where car theft is high, you may need to install a car tracking device in case they decide to steal your car. However, the main reason why you need a GPS plotter for a car is if you are a parent of a freshly cut car driver, especially a teenager. Having a car tracking device will give you peace of mind when your child is driving in your absence. If you're eager to record the exact location and condition of your vehicle at any time, check out our top ten list of the best GPS tracking devices.
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Part 1: Skynanny
Skynanny GPS tracker is a tracer of good value because of its good value and its standard features.
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- This is a GPS car tracer with a panic button and a primary tracking app.
- It comes with an embedded SOS button that you can use in case of emergency.
- It contains an SOS button, which is only present on expensive tracking devices.

- The equipment used to build the device is of poor quality.
Skynanny has the two-year lowest cost of ownership on any GPS car tracer only $ 200.
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Part 2: Live Trac PT-10
Live Trac PT-10 Car Tracker is a professional quality GPS car tracker that has been adjusted for car tracking and tracking.
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- It comes with a high capacity battery and a motion activated tracking feature that only fits for an excellent tracking device.

- It contains a localized update schedule that uses an intelligent motion-based update schedule to save battery life.
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- He has a good web portal.
- It preserves the battery, thus offering durable services.
- It is expensive.
- It's huge and indiscreet compared to other GPS tracking devices.
Buy a PT-10 Live Trac for $ 218.95.
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Part 3: The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker
Most organizations use the Mileage Ace GPS Car Tracker for accounting and logistics services that relies on accurate mileage records. The designated pilot generates logs once the driver has returned from the trip. Apart from this, this app automatically downloads all trips made without further action.
- It has a 3 year GPS protection plan that covers the malfunction and breakdown of the product.
- It supports WIFI charging from the vehicle.
- It comes with a free online 100% mileage record that protects your deduction from an audit.
- It has mileage records of 100% accurate audit complaints.
- It automatically downloads the data in the range of WiFi networks.
- It has affordable subscriptions.
- It comes with inviolable records with years of history stored in the cloud.
- The GPS can badly label the locations.
- It does not have real-time tracking.
- The stops made are difficult to emphasize.
The purchase price is $ 129.99 with a monthly subscription of $ 5.99.
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Part 4: Trackimo
Trackimo is a car GPS plotter with powerful functionality and cost-effective ownership. Trackimo uses a motion activated tracking program to extend battery life.
- It comes with built-in GPS satellites that transmit data to the server using the AT and T wireless connection.
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- Provides global coverage. The device is traceable on the Web or on an Android application everywhere.
- It is accompanied by a panic button that alerts the user in case of emergency through text messages or email address.
- It supports real-time tracking with GPS and GSM functionality.
- Trackimo is portable and easy to use.
- The battery lasts all day.
- Historical data is very useful.
- It does not support Android apps
- Some users may find the life of a day a little short and inconvenience.
- For some users, the belt cover may be difficult to install.
This tracking device costs $ 200. The first month is free during the following months, you will have to separate from $ 5 a month.
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